Multimedia Support Material for Offline Use - Πολυμεσικό Υλικό για χρήση χωρίς Σύνδεση

The above Online Support Material has also been uploaded in a different format for offline use. If your internet connection is not reliable, you can download the multimedia material in a laptop and use it offline.  The Multimedia material is executed as an interactive pdf file.

Take the following steps:

1.       Each unit is a zip file. Download the zip file. This will take several minutes, because the zip is heavy.

2.       Open (or extract) the zip file.  You will see many different files, audio, video files, etc., which are of no concern to you.

3.       Look for the file with the pdf sign  . It is usually at the bottom of the list, the one before the last.

4.       Click on the pdf file. The Unit will open and is interactive.

NOTICE: You need the latest version of Adobe flash player. You can download it at Install it and restart your computer.


Mετακινήσεις - Tαξίδια

Κατεβάζω τον φάκελο. Αυτό διαρκεί αρκετά λεπτά. Αποσυμπιέζω τον φάκελο και κλικάρω πάνω στο αρχείο με το σήμα του pdf.

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